Buy Airtime and Host Your Own Radio Show

Ever wanted to host your own radio show on a vibrant radio station? You can actually buy airtime and do it at Reigncom Radio! Possible formats include:

    • Variety talk shows
    • Sports talk shows
    • Health and wellness talk shows
    • Religious programming
    • Infomercials and Special featured Segments
    • Music shows (availability depends on time of day)

Airtime is sold in blocks of 30 minutes, though blocks can be grouped together to accommodate longer airtime. To see what times are currently available, consult a Reigncom Radio representative.  Reigncom Radio has an excellent global coverage and can be accessed 24/7 anytime and anywhere in the world through any connected mobile or desktop device with data or internet service. You will never get a dropped signal or a dead spot while tuning in to Reigncom Radio. Our listeners are in tune, interactive and supportive of the content represented by Reigncom Media.

Are you curious what hosting a radio show is like? See our FAQ on how to host a radio show.

Solo Airtime 30 mins
$100 CAD
Once per week Airtime (4 shows per month)
$350 CAD /mth
Once per day 7 days a week (30 shows per month)
$2500 CAD /mth
Twice per day 7 days a week (60 shows per month)
$4000 CAD /mth

Pricing is the same for both live and prerecorded shows. We provide free training for board operation and commercial production, or we can provide our complimentary board operation services  if you require them for productions done at any Reigncom Studio locations.

Standard Payment Terms for All Services

    • All prices quoted are NET
    • Terms: cash in advance; PayPal or credit card
    • One month minimum for weekly and daily rates

Contact Information

To advertise or host your own radio show on Reigncom Radio,

contact us at

STUDIO CALL-IN LINE: (647) 946-9224

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